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Public education stakeholders across Europe face societal demands for effective education and talent management and the problem of early school leaving. To answer these challenges, new methodological solutions are needed that reflect these needs, and promote the spread of adaptive educational processes that can be tailored to the personal needs of students.


Our goal

The main aim of the EduBot project is to create an effective blended methodology to support the development of basic competences to reduce learning disadvantage and low proficiency in basic skills among students with fewer opportunities. The methodology will focus on 6-8th grader students of primary schools and problem-solving and text comprehension competences in mathematics and STEM, but it will be adaptable in other age groups and other learning fields as well.


Our objectives

  • Using chatbot technology to create a more interactive digital learning environment leading to a better mapping of the students’ competence gaps, providing the teachers with more accurate data about where to intervene;
  • Developing an effective blended learning methodology to fill the identified competence gaps with digital tools and personal tutoring of smaller groups of students;
  • Developing experimental math- and STEM digital materials to support the blended learning methodology;
  • Testing the developed tools in pilot sessions and summarizing the results;
  • Creating adaptation toolset to make the developed resources available for schools and special institutions working with students with fewer opportunities, who can then create their own digital materials and use the developed blended learning methodology to reduce learning disadvantage;
  • Disseminate project results at a wide scale and attract the attention of decision makers to the developed methodology.


Our Activities

The multi-language EduBot Blended Learning Methodology will be developed by professional staff and tested by 20 teachers and 300 students in 4 countries. The complex EduBot digital support system based on deep learning AI solution will be created along with digital STEM Content Pools of interactive and multimedia elements in local languages and English. Intensive networking and dissemination activities targeting teachers, institutions and policymakers will be conducted to assure impact and sustainability.


Results of the project

The project’s result will be the EduBot Blended Learning Methodology relying on the AI-powered Chatbot Assistant helping both teachers and students, Web Tool for teachers to manage student groups, create new content and get reports, Learning App for students to access adaptive paths and Content Pools as course material and model for content developers. All results will be free, adaptable by teachers, schools and any interested stakeholder, applicable in the field of STEM and beyond, in the whole EU and beyond.




CC license

Creative Commons licensing: The materials published on the EDUBOT project website are classified as Open Educational Resources’ (OER) and can be freely (without permission of their creators): downloaded, used, reused, copied, adapted, and shared by users, with information about the source of their origin.