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Chatbot and artificial intelligence will help eighth graders learn math!

Chatbot and artificial intelligence will help eighth graders learn math!

"It is not mathematics that should be modern at school, but its teaching." - René Thom French mathematician 1923–2002 (Source: ) - our motto of the next meeting consultation of the EDUBOT educational platform, which took place on May 30, 2023.

Among teachers, representatives of the local government and non-governmental organizations, we discussed what are the expectations of teachers, students and parents from chatbot technology and artificial intelligence in the process of learning mathematics, which primary school classes should be supported in the first place, what technological solutions of the EDUBOT platform could be most effective support science.

Conclusions from the meeting:

  • Equal opportunities in learning mathematics can be effective if there is universal access to free, easy- to-use and intuitive platforms in Polish, which will enable quick and effective use of them both at school and at home, which will be available in various devices, including a convenient way to use them on a mobile phone.
  • The mathematics curriculum should be prepared primarily for eighth graders. Eighth graders take the final exam, the results of the exam often determine which secondary school the student will go to, and as practice shows, most students have problems with achieving high marks in mathematics. Implementation of the program supported by a chatbot and artificial intelligence would allow for the identification of all knowledge gaps from previous classes and the individualization of learning. The program could effectively level the education of students with fewer opportunities.
  • A good educational platform should offer varied lessons, interactive and engaging educational materials, quizzes, reward system. A common mistake is to touch too many threads at once, using ready-made information, which means that the student does not get involved, it is not encouraged to read and move on to the next levels. It is important that the content contains the practical application of knowledge, it is one of the motivators that gives sense to exploring mathematical issues.
  • The use of a chatbot and artificial intelligence will be particularly useful in the process of supporting teachers and students in identifying knowledge gaps of individual students, selecting materials tailored to the individual needs of students, analyzing individual problems, creating groups of students with similar problems, adapting learning to the pace and form corresponding to individual needs providing students with feedback that will allow them to keep track of their learning progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • New technologies could support teamwork while limiting the phenomenon that one most talented person solves tasks for the whole group. Then it is demotivating for all students, the gifted person does not develop, the other members of the group will not understand the task and will not be able to move to the next level.
  • An educational platform using a chatbot and artificial intelligence should have functionalities that enable communication with the student, text recognition in interactive questions, building adaptive learning paths and providing suggestions to teachers.

The consultation meeting devoted to the development of the functionality of the EDUBOT e-learning platform allowed for the gathering of various expectations and needs from the point of view of various users, teachers, students and parents. The suggestions presented are valuable guidelines for the creators of the platform, who now have to take into account these expectations, so that the platform can meet the needs of all stakeholders and become an effective tool to support learning mathematics.

We would like to thank all participants of the first and second consultation meetings for their time and commitment to specifying the expectations regarding the methodology of learning STEM subjects on the EDUBOT platform, primarily mathematics and the use of chatbot technology and artificial intelligence in the education process.


  • Tomasz Marciniak, chairman of the Kutno Poviat Council and a primary school teacher in Jankowice
  • Director and teachers of the Primary School. Gen Anders in Nowe
  • Director and teachers of Primary School No. 1 in Krośniewice
  • Director and teachers of the School Complex in Dąbrowice
  • Pedagogue from the Non-Public Kindergarten of Passionate Sisters in Kutno and Monika Marciniak, Director of the Poviat Family Support Center in Kutno
  • Bartosz Serenda, lecturer at the Academy of Applied Sciences of National Economy in Kutno
  • Ilona Lasecka, President of the ABI Foundation
  • Aleksandra Zielińska, District Office in Kutno

More information:
Renata Jankowska-Zielinska
Project coordinator
Photos: Aleksandra Zielinska
Preparation and editing of the film: Aleksandra Zielińska.