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TANDEM, n.o. founded in 2009 is a training and development organization, which through its work with individuals, communities and organizations aims to strengthen their self-esteem and sense of responsibility in Slovakia. TANDEM is an acronym name, every letter has a special meaning in Hungarian that represents our values:

T(udatos): conscious

A(lternatív): alternative

N(emformális): non-formal

D(inamikus): dynamic

E(mberközpontú): anthropocentric

M(egerősítő): affirmative


Since the very beginning of our civic activities in TANDEM we have based our programmes on non-formal education, as well as using playful, interactive methods to approach each topic. These topics include self-knowledge, career counseling, entrepreneurship trainings, team-buildings, educational development programs and researches in various areas. The organization is situated in Komárno with an office, including three staff members, who operate TANDEM’s organizational and administrative tasks. We also work with 11 external trainers.